Everspring Z-Wave Temp Humidity Sensor

Everspring Z-Wave Temp Humidity Sensor

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The ST814 is a combined Temperature/Humidity Sensor which is designed for both desktop use or wall mountable. The device has a local LCD display which either shows the temperature or the humidity. 4 button allow to switch between minimim, maximum or actual values, humidity versus temperature and Fahrenheit versus Celsius
The device can report its values via Z-Wave and allows to set trigger level for direct control of other Z-Wave device when the measured value hits the trigger point. This makes the ST812 a very powerful and flexible tool to measure environmental values and control device within a Z-Wave network.


  • Max. & Min. Ranger Hold
  • Digital TN
  • LED Display
  • LED Backlight Built in
  • Beep Tone 0°C freeze indication
  • Design for table placing/wall mounting
  • 3 x 1.5V AA type battery operation

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