Everspring SF812 Z-WAVE Smoke Detector

Everspring SF812 Z-WAVE Smoke Detector

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The Smoke Detector SF812 uses a non-radioactive photo-sensor for a reliable and safe detection of smoke. Simply install the Smoke Detector on your ceiling and follow the procedure in the manual. Now your room is fitted with an early warning system against smoke. The smoke detector has a test button and a flashing led, so you always know that the smoke alarm is working correctly. The smoke alarm will warn you when the battery is low.

Warning by sound, email, phone and sms When the Smoke Detector detects smoke, it will give a loud warning sound. The smoke detector will also trigger actions in other ZWavew devices or Z-Wave controllers to escalate the alarm

Execute a scenario when smoke is detected The Smoke Detector can also activate an alarm-scenario within the Z-Wave network. For example you can create an alarm-scenario to switch on all lights in the house when smoke is detected. So even at the middle of the night, you can leave the house very quickly when smoke is detected.


  • Z-Wave Device: slave
  • Sensor: photoelectric smoke sensing
  • Battery life time: 1 year (FLIRS Device)
  • Battery: 9V battery included
  • Low battery warning: yes
  • Protocol: secure wireless 868.42 Mhz
  • Status LED: yes
  • Test button: yes
  • Warning sound: yes, 85db



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