Aeotec Z-Wave Micro Dimmer w/ Metering CLEARANCE

Aeotec Z-Wave Micro Dimmer w/ Metering CLEARANCE

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Cleverly crafted to fit within the walls of your home, each Micro Smart Dimmer can turn an existing switch into a Z-Wave switch. Able to fit behind your existing switches, new modern switches, or nothing at all, once a Micro Smart Dimmer is setup within your walls, each will provide you with all the lighting control and automation you need.

Small in size. Big in potential.
Perfect lighting, every time. Whether it’s when you get up in the middle of the night or when you get home from work, or whether it’s when you flick a switch or tap the screen of your iPhone, your house is filled with the perfect light. Never too dim. Never too bright. The perfect scene is always set.

All this happens with your existing lights and your existing light switches. Each Micro Smart Dimmer has been crafted to work with your home’s existing technology. Using the power of Z-Wave wireless communication, the Micro Smart Dimmer will make your existing switch a smart switch. A smart switch that can automate your lights. A smart switch that can create scenes that respond to mood and ambiance. A smart switch that can monitor your energy consumption. And a smart switch that can be intelligently automated, or controlled from your switch or anywhere in the world via a smart-phone.

From Aeotec’s Invisible range.
Aeotec by Aeon Labs‘ view of home automation is both unique and simple: perfect home automation is invisible – you don’t see it, but you feel all of its advantages.

Our 2nd edition Micro Smart Dimmer was crafted as a result of that belief. As a part of the Aeotec Invisibles range of products, the Micro Smart Dimmer has been designed to allow for the precise control and automation of your lights. But the word invisible is key. The Micro Smart Dimmer has been designed to enhance your home’s ambiance and aesthetics, not change them. That’s why each Micro Smart Dimmer installs behind your existing wall switches. So you’ll never see it, but you’ll always feel its benefits.


  • Dimming.
    Turning lights on and off isn’t enough any more. You need to set them to just the right brightness to have the perfect ambiance. You’ll be able to dim all compatible bulbs. Find out more.

  • Indoors & Outdoors.
    The ambiance of your outdoor space can be just as integral of that of your indoor spaces. And with the Micro Smart dimmer you can control, automate and perfect them both for finesse and safety.

  • Scene control.
    Rooms generally don’t have just one light. That’s why the Micro Smart Dimmer can be part of a scene, allowing you to group lights together so they work in sync and talk to each other effortlessly.

  • Use your existing switches.
    Just because you want improve your lighting, doesn’t mean you want to change your actual switches. Each Micro Smart Dimmer works with your existing light switches, allowing for invisible installation that suits your décor perfectly.

  • Enhanced security.
    Homes without lights on are the homes that thieves target. Micro Smart Dimmers allow you to create home-away-from-home schedules that imply to the watching, outside world that your home is occupied even when its not. Thieves will try your neighbours.

  • Smart energy.
    Record and understand just how much money your lights are costing you, and then use the automation and intelligence features of Z-Wave to save energy and reduce your bills. Each Micro Smart Dimmer comes with its own inbuilt energy meter.

  • Schedule.
    Some days of your life run to a schedule, and each Micro Smart Dimmer can be a part of it. From turning on your lights to the perfect level as you wake up, to ensuring that they’re turned off after you’ve left, consider them a butler for your lights, comfort and safety.

  • Fantastic wireless range.
    They’re small in size but not in their wireless range. Each Micro Smart Dimmer can talk to other Z-Wave devices within its network up to 50 feet away ensuring strong, reliable, wireless communication.

  • Small in size.
    There usually isn’t much space behind your light switches, that’s why we’ve reduced the size of our 2nd edition Micro Smart Dimmer. It’s now only 1.8cm deep, helping to ensure world wide compatibility.

  • Simple installation.
    Some home automation installations require a lot of expensive cables to be installed. Not so with Aeotec’s. The Micro Smart Dimmer utilises your existing wires, and can be easily installed with little more than a screwdriver.

  • Z-Wave inside.
    To make any switch a wireless switch, you need a reliable wireless technology. Each Micro Smart Dimmer has Z-Wave built right in, giving them all the benefits of the leading home control technology from secure communications to low-power usage to network-wide compatibility.

  • Mesh communication.
    Along with all its other benefits, each Micro Smart Dimmer is enhanced with Z-Wave mesh technology. Wireless signals get lost. Z-Wave signals don’t. Each smart dimmer acts as part of a mesh network, receiving, amplifying and repeating signals intended for other Z-Wave devices.


Power: 110-230VAC, 50/60Hz
Output: 2.5A max. output
Transmitting Power: 0 dBm
Range: 15m
Control Function: TRIAC
Operating Temp.: 0-70 ℃
Operating Humidity: 95%
Dimensions: 52x49x18.5mm
Certifications: FCC, cUL, CE, ROHS


With so many new-generation, energy-saving lights now available for your home, dimming lights isn’t as straightforward as it used to be. There’s no one type of light any more. Aeotec’s in-wall Micro Smart Dimmer is, however, compatible with as many dimmable lights as possible.

Our Micro Smart Dimmer has been designed to work out of the box with halogen lamp, sodium and tungsten lights. It’s also capable of being connected to light dimmers that work by reducing the amount of electricity being passed to their transformer. This includes select LED lights.

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