Popp Z-Wave Plug-in Switch Module

Popp Z-Wave Plug-in Switch Module

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This is a switch plug that can be placed between a standard wall outlet and electric devices, plugged by cord. It can switch all electrical loads up to 3500W. The device is IP 20 rated and can therefore only be used in dry environments. Switching is controlled wirelessly using Z-Wave or locally using a toggling button. A blue LED indicates the switching status. An automatic "Off" function and programmable switching behaviour make the device a very flexible tool for the in house lighting.


Power Supply : 230V -50-60Hz

Attachable Loads : all loads up to 3500 W

Fuse : Type: T 1.25 A H (Load 1.25 Ampere, high shutdown capacity), D: 5 mm, L: 20 mm

IP Rating : 20

Frequency : 868.42 MHz (SRD Band)

Wireless Range : Up to 100m outside, on average up to 20m inside buildings

Explorer Frame Support : Yes

SDK : 4.54 pl1

Device Type : Slave with routing capabilities

Generic Device Class : Binary Switch

Specific Device Class : Binary Power Switch

Routing : Yes

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