Swild Z-WAVE Cord Switch White

Swild Z-WAVE Cord Switch White

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In Europe, most of the lamps on our home tables or nightstands are equipped with a switch located on their power cord, the "good old" cord switch. In spite of this, whenever you want to control such a lamp remotely, manufacturers of home automation devices will suggest remotely controlled plugs or wall switches or inserts to fit behind them. So when you have decided to install a wireless home automation system in your home (Z-Wave), and when you finally got everything to work to your satisfaction, someone comes in and turns off one of these remotely controlled lamps by pressing on the "good old switch" on the cord and "zap" your lamp is no longer remotely controlled...

SwildInter is the first - and at this time still the only - cord switch in the Z-Wave ecosystem which is small enough to be compared to a regular cord switch. It can be used both manually like any ordinary cord switch and remotely by Z-Wave.

SwildInter can also handle assocations with other devices, both ways to and from it. Thus, your SwildInter can respond directly to a signal from another Z-Wave device in your network, such as triggering of a presence detector. Conversely with a short press or a long press it can control two separate Z-Wave device groups that have been associated with it, for example, all the other lights in your bedroom where your SwildInter is on the cord of your bedside lamp.

Physically installing a SwildInter is done in the same exact way as any ordinary cord switch: it is a quick and simple operation which requires no special tools. Once done, it will operate as an ordinary cord switch with a simple on/off push button. Only then can you configure your SwildInter to include it into a Z-Wave network and interoperate with other controllers and devices (even if you have only one other Z-Wave device).


  • Device type : Binary Power Switch
  • Power input : 230V +/- 10% - 50Hz
  • Max. power : 660W
  • EU norms : EN 61058-2-1:2011 & EN 55015
  • Protection index : IP20
  • Size : 84 x 32 x 29 mm
  • Radio protocol : Z-Wave (SDK 4.55)
  • Radio frequency : 868.42 MHz (EU)
  • Transmission dist. : Max. 30m indoors depending on construction materials
  • Working temp : 0 - 40ºC
  • Off/On signal : Blue LEDs
  • Power consumption : <0,08W
  • EU patent : Pending 

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