Axis M3014 Compact-Dome IP Camera 720p PoE

Axis M3014 Compact-Dome IP Camera 720p PoE

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The Axis M3014 fixed dome network camera is a compact camera specifically developed for recessed mounting in drop ceilings. The result is a discreet, inconspicuous camera that measures less than 10 cm in diameter and protrudes only 3 cm from the ceiling. It is well suited to scenarios where a surveillance solution is required but where drawing attention to that solution is not desirable, such as in factories, schools and universities.

The M3014 is a high-definition camera, delivering a full, HD 720p stream. Combined with progressive scan technology, this results in a highly detailed image free of distortion with no motion blur.

H.264 compression technology means that the video feed being sent across your network can be greatly reduced in size without compromising the quality of the image. This reduces load on your network while maintaining high levels of detail, reducing costs and storage requirements.

The M3014 is a Power over Ethernet device. All data and power can be transmitted across one cable, saving cost and time during installation and allowing more flexibility in reconfiguring the on-site layout of cameras in the future, should that be a requirement.


  • Developed specifically for discreet installation in drop ceilings, providing a full security solution in an inconspicuous package. The M3014 is recess-mounted, making it easy to install - the camera is pushed into a ceiling recess and held in place by spring-loaded clamps.
  • Full HD 720p streaming coupled with progressive scan technology results in a detailed image free from distortion
  • H.264 compression technology delivers the same quality image at a greatly reduced file size, reducing network load and costs of storage. Progressive scan technology eliminates motion blur from images
  • Power over Ethernet reduces installation time and cost and allows for greater flexibility in future reconfiguration
  • Comes with the free Axis Camera Station One software, which provides a complete camera, recording and playback solution out of the box for ease-of-use

Typical applications

The M3014's unobtrusive design makes it an ideal choice for public buildings where a detailed image is required such as shops, department stores, factories, schools and universities



  • Installation guide
  • CD with installation tools
  • Recording software and user's manual
  • Windows decoder (1-user licence)
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