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Fibaro FGD-211 Z-Wave Dimmer Insert 500W


Radio controlled light dimming module, designed to work with light sources of any type. May be connected to two-wire or three-wire electrical system. Fibaro Dimmer can switch or dim connected light source either through radio waves or through the wall switch connected to it. Automatically senses connected device, features overload protection switch-off and soft start function. Works as a dimmer or as a connector, with two-wire or three-wire electric system. Note: In case of old type fluorescent light sources or old type transformers, only on/off function may be possible.

  • As a dimmer, works with Conventional fluorescent lamps, 230V operated halogen lamps, 12V operated halogen lamps, immable LED lamps
  • Using Bypass FGB001, with any dimmable light source up to 500W.
  • As a connector, works with Compact fluorescent lights, LED lamps, old type fluorescent lamps.
  • Power source 230V +/-10%, 50Hz,
  • Output power 25-500W (resistive loads only) in case of loads other than resistive, current intensity must not exceed 1.8A,
  • Conforms to UE requlations:EN55022 (radio wave interference), EN61000-6 (safety of use),
  • Surge protection: 2,5A,
  • Overheating protection: safety off at 105oC,
  • Ambient temperature: 10oC - 40oC,
  • To be mounted in standard wall switch boxes fi ≥ 50mm with a legacy switch mounted in front,
  • Radio protocol: Z-Wave, Radio Frequency 868 MHz,
  • Antenna range: up to ca. 50 meters outdoor, or up to 30 meters inside (depends on building structure)
  • Outside dimmensions (L x W x H) 42mm x 36mm x 15mm.

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