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Turn your home into a smart home quickly, easily and affordably using wireless technology. Z-Wave communicates using a low-power wireless technology designed specifically for remote control applications. The Z-Wave wireless protocol is optimised for reliable, low-latency communication of small data packets with data rates up to 100kbit/s. Z-Wave utilises a mesh network architecture, and can begin with a single controllable device and a controller, additional devices can be added at any time. Devices can communicate with one another by using intermediate nodes to actively route around and circumnavigate obstacles. A message from node A to node C can be successfully delivered even if the two nodes are not within range, providing that a third node B can communicate with nodes A and C. If the preferred route is unavailable, the message originator will attempt other routes until a path is found to node C. Therefore, a Z-Wave network can span much farther than the radio range of a single unilt. Take control of all aspects of your home with your smart phone, tablet, or pc today.


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