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December 2013


Stylish New Horstmann C-Stat 11 &17-ZW Thermostats & Receivers Available



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November 2013

Share your project with us and win a £100 voucher!


We're looking for case studies to add to our website. Take a little time out to tell us about the innovative ways you've used our products to smarten up your home and you could win a £100 voucher! All you have to do is put together 2 x A4 pages of writing and photos including :


(1) Overview, i.e. type of property, value if you like, rough location, etc.

(2) Challenge, i.e. what you set out to do, objectives 1-5, etc.

(3) Deliverables, i.e. you can create your own sub-headings here, telling us what you achieved, and how you did it, including what products used, etc.


Sections 1 & 2 can be fairly short if you like, we're really interested in section 3, and also your photos and screen shots. Send your completed case study to If you have any questions, email us at the same email address. Look forward to hearing back from you, and to awarding the £100 prize to the best case study writer in time for Christmas! You never know we might also be able to rustle up a couple of runner up prizes too, let's see what we get!

October 2013

New Fibaro Z-Wave Flood Sensor



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July 2013

New & In Stock - Zipato Zipabox Smart Home Controller


December 2011

With a faster processor, more memory for downloading apps and upgraded Wi-Fi, Vera3 is more powerful than ever. Heavy users with multiple device types and plugins will find Vera3 is up to the challenge. You can add hundreds of devices to your Vera network and even add multiple Veras to your home or small business.

July 2011

Take a look at our exciting new Vitrum Lighting Control range. The Glass Revolution.

Vitrum is a family of patented design products designed to control every function in the home. Each product in the Vitrum range is sculpted in glass and light. It is the result of a revolutionary design concept that focuses on simplicity of use and attractive styling, one that offers complete freedom in terms of colour coordination as well as the pleasure of touching a material as precious as glass. With Vitrum, light switches, thermostats, curtain and blind controls - and all the other domestic electrical controllers - become eye-catching designer items whose beauty will continue to be admired each passing day. With its hi-tech wireless heart, Vitrum heralds a new era in intelligent home automation systems.

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Download the Vitrum Home Control brochure

April 2011

Smart phones and tablet PCs are all the rage in high tech gadgetry and it's no wonder why. With thousands of apps available on the most popular platforms, users can access news, sports, social media, games, productivity apps and much more. It's never been easier (or more fun) to stay in touch with the world. Now, with HomeSeer, you can stay in touch with your home too!

What can a HomeSeer system do?
In a nutshell, HomeSeer lets you monitor and control virtually every aspect of your home, including lighting, climate, appliances, audio/video equipment, security systems, shades & blinds, irrigation, energy management and more! And you can monitor and control your home from anywhere in the world.

How does it work?

First, you'll need to install one of our control systems at home. We offer FIVE! A comparison chart may be found at this link.
Next, you'll need to install system interfaces that will allow your HomeSeer system to "talk" to your home. We recommend using a Z-Wave® system interface with wireless Z-Wave light switches, lamp and appliance modules, etc. For audio/video control, consider adding an infrared interface to your system.
You'll need to connect your system to the internet and install HSTouch. HSTouch is the magic that lets you monitor and control your home from anywhere in the world with a smart phone or tablet PC. A more detailed description may be found here (iPhone/iPad setup instructions | Android setup instructions).

Click to see the HSTouch Android Client in Action

February 2011



mControl is now available to buy and instantly download from us at an amazing £74.99 !!! In addition this license covers your entire home, so you install the complete package on one PC and manage your devices from there, but there is also a 'client only' option so you can setup the other PCs in your home to talk to it.

mControl is software for managing your Digital Home. mControl manages interaction with devices within your home - providing mechanisms for energy management, security and surveillance, media management and other controllable devices.

Out of the box, mControl supports a broad range of technologies and protocols - allowing your digital home to take control of metering systems, lighting solutions, climate controls, security systems, cameras, audio/visual equipment and beyond.

mControl provides real-time information and status on each device, allows control of these devices and has a sophisticated logic and rules engine to automate operation of these devices.

mControl includes a variety of built-in user interfaces, allowing instant status and control of your digital home from your preferred location and platform. Whether you prefer a browser, a media center (TV) interface, a touchscreen or your mobile phone - your digital home is accessible to you. 


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December 2010


To celebrate the recent review of Mi Casa Verde's latest version of Vera in we have decided to offer a


special promotion and lower the price to an amazing £179.99. That's a saving of £70.00 from £249.99 !!!


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October 2010

We now offer Z-Wave enabled Electric Blinds !!!



We now offer z-wave enabled electric blinds which have been tested with z-wave controllers including the Nevo S70, Q50, etc.


Using a Nevo Q50 for example, a slider control can be added to the touch screen allowing the user to raise and lower our blinds.


Not only can we supply made to measure blinds, motors, controls, etc we can even offer an installation service if required.


Please email us dimensions, e.g. width and drop, for a no obligation quote using the 'Contact form' link on the left hand side.

September 2010


iPort, the inventor of the in-wall docking system for iPod, continues to innovate solutions for Apple products. The CM-IW2000 allows and Apple iPad to be used as an in-wall touch panel, and for locations where a smaller-size touch screen is preferred the CM-IW100T is available for the Apple iPod Touch, as an in-wall touch screen control panel.

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August 2010

Introducing Merten CONNECT

Merten CONNECT is the perfect solution for anyone who wants to modernise their electrical installation. It offers a great amount of flexibility, comfort, safety and security where the control of functions like lighting, roller shutters, heating or multimedia is concerned. And all without having to tear open walls and lay new cables. Finally, the CONNECT radio system works "comfortably without cables" and ensures safe connections.

Merten Connect Sales Brochure

Our Merten Connect Products

July 2010

Control your Radiator Thermostats remotely using Z-Wave wireless mesh technology!!!

Use software applications like HomeSeer HS2, HomeSeer HS-PRO, MiCasaVerde VERA, Merten CONNECT Funkzentrale, or we'll even supply you a user guide together with a free software application with any purchases to do it !!!

The Danfoss Radiator Thermostat RA plus-w RA-K fits most UK TRV bodies, or alternatively you can consider the Danfoss Radiator Thermostat RA plus-w RA2000. If you need more than one, check out our bundle offers for additional savings!!!

May 2010

The new Apple iPad, a magical and revolutionary device. Not only is it the best way to experience the web, email, photos and video, a design that's thin, light and brilliant, with thousands of apps made just for iPad, you can now use it to control your home!!!

The HomeSeer iPad / iPhone / iPod Plug-in is designed to work with their HSTouch software (required) and allows users to control their homes via iPad / iPhone / iPod Touch.


May 2010

Nevo S70 - RRP £799.99. Our Price £699.99 !!! Save £100.00 !!!

Nevo S70 is a universal controller that intuitively delivers total control of entertainment and digital media devices as well as access to online information and web services. With an elegant one-handed design and a brilliant 3.5 inch colour touch screen, it can be personalised for every user in the home.

Nevo S70 Universal Remote Control w/ Z-Wave & WiFi

March 2010

To celebrate the fact we are now an official MK authorised reseller, we are offering a special 5% introductory discount on their exciting new astral range, designed to enhance the ambience and atmosphere in any room or residence, and incorporating the award winning Z-Wave RF communications technology ensuring the  ultimate in reliability and flexibility. This is a limited offer until April 15th, 2010, so don't miss out!!!

Click on the link below to download their sales brochure which explains the product range in detail or browse the items we have for sale by clicking on the 'Items' link on the left hand side, followed by 'Lighting' and 'MK Astral (High-end)'.

MK Astral Sales Brochure

March 2010

Nevo Studio Pro 3.0 - Configuration software that enables Nevo Pro series controllers (Nevo S70 and Nevo Q50) to become powerful 2-way control solutions. Over 18 new usability enhancements. Nevo plugins offer Simple / Smart / Sleek interfaces to popular AV systems and Digital Media Servers. Nevo Widgets provide advanced tools. New IP device support offers a gateway into advanced control systems for the Nevo S70.

To celebrate it's launch we're offering £25 off Nevo S70s, and £10 off Nevo Q50s until March 31st, 2010 !!!

Click on the 'Items' link on the left hand side, followed by 'Remotes / Controllers' to browse these products.

 Nevo Studio Pro 3

March 2010

We've recently received an exciting new prototype Z-Wave controller from Remotec to review.  As you can see from the image below it does not include an LCD display which should make it more affordable for the average homeowner. They're also looking to release a Touchscreen version which looks interesting too! More details to follow once we've had a chance to try it out.

February 2010

To celebrate the fact we are now an official HomeSeer authorised distributor, we are offering a special introductory discount on their premier HSPRO Home Automation Software. Instead of the normal £374.99, we will be offering this product at £324.99, a saving of £50 !!! This is a limited offer until February 28th, 2010, and whilst supplies last, so don't miss out !!! If this is outside your budget, we also offer their standard HS2 Home Automation Software at £139.99. Click on the 'News & Reviews' link on the left hand side for more news & reviews.

January 2010

We're currently in negotiatons with MK Electric to start selling their high-end astral advanced lighting system. Providing sophisticated and inspirational lighting control, astral is an extremely versatile and intelligent system, which incorporates the award-winning Zensys RF communications technology (Z-Wave), ensuring the ultimate in both reliability and flexibility. We hope by offering astral, we will be able to offer our customers a high-end lighting system using Z-Wave, with a wide range of interchangeable fascias, in addition to our more affordable existing mid-range lighting system using Z-Wave. Click on the 'News & Reviews' link on the left hand side for more news & reviews.

New & In Stock - Mi Casa Verde Vera 3

New & In Stock - Both Mi Casa Verde Vera 3 & Vera Lite

Choose between the powerful new Mi Casa Verde Vera 3 or astonishingly inexpensive Mi Casa Verde Vera Lite. We have both in stock and available for next day delivery.

Free Delivery over £150 !!!

We are now offering free delivery on all orders over £150.