Simplified Wireless Home Control is Finally a Reality!

Z-Wave is a broadly-accepted interoperable standard that has been adopted by industry leading manufacturers. This award-winning breakthrough technology finally makes wireless whole-home control simple, practical and affordable for any household.
Z-Wave enabled products are based on a common communications platform and interoperate with each other regardless of brand. Each Z-Wave certified product has to pass a stringent conformance test to assure it meets the Z-Wave standard for operation and interoperability with other Z-Wave certified devices and controls. All Z-Wave enabled products offer reliable, confirmable, 2-way control communications throughout the home, without the need for any new wiring or any complex programming.

Z-Wave: The Technology of Choice
Z-Wave has been designed from the ground up for residential and light commercial applications such as lighting control, thermostats, garage doors and access control, security systems, blinds and drapes, Internet gateways, PC applications, media center integration, and universal remote controls. Z-Wave products make perfect sense for today’s households—that’s why it’s the technology of choice for wireless home control.

Lighting One-touch control over any interior or exterior lights, with automated routines and customised ambient environments.
Home Entertainment Effortlessly control multiple systems throughout the house, through walls, floors and cabinets
HVAC Control and automate heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems for maximum comfort and energy savings
Safety & Security Z-Wave devices can activate other Z-Wave devices and notify the homeowner when security systems are tripped
Windows & Coverings Operate motorized shades by remote control, or through commands from other Z-Wave devices
Appliance Controls Easily add kitchen, laundry, workroom and garden appliances to a home network.

Unlike conventional home control systems, which require a major up-front investment, Z-Wave is a modular technology. Consumers can add as much or as little control to their homes as they like— and build their Z-Wave capabilities over time!

Mesh Networking Technology
Z-Wave’s innovative mesh networking technology routes 2-way command signals from one Z-Wave device to another, around any obstacles or radio dead spots that might occur throughout the home. The result is assured, reliable whole-house coverage, with simple confirmation messages that give end users peace of mind.

Rich Entertainment Experience
Z-Wave is today’s most widely used RF technology for remote controls. Z-Wave’s metadata handling capabilities and 2-way communications can provide a rich entertainment experience in keeping with today’s advanced digital sources, including, for example, song, artist and album displayed right on the remote control.